10 Simple Ways to Start Living Sustainably

Living sustainably means choosing a lifestyle that reduces the use of Earth’s natural resources.

  1. Turn off lights when you leave the room.
  2. Hang clothes to dry, or use wool dryer balls to reduce drying time.
  3. Skip the plastic grocery bags at checkout and bring your own reusable shopping bag instead. If you forget to bring your own bag, choose a paper bag whenever possible and recycle it.
  4. Grow your own herbs; even if space is limited a few pots in the kitchen helps.
  5. Take the stairs instead of an elevator, which can also serve as a mini workout.
  6. Go paperless! Read articles on the computer, send e-invitations, and take notes using laptop.
  7. Replace light bulbs with LED ones that are more energy efficient and lasts longer.
  8. Buy higher quality clothes that will last longer, or buy second-hand clothes.
  9. Only cook what you will eat. If there are leftovers, store them in a bowl with beeswax wrap or reusable food storage bags.
  10. Use a low-flow showerhead and a shower timer.