Start Recycling – Easy Tips to Add to Daily Routine

  1. Be aware of what is recyclable – papers, cardboard, glass, aluminum cans, and plastics. It is important to note that most plastics will have a number at the bottom and usually 1-7 can be recycled. Containers with liquid should be given a quick rinse (milk cartons, soda cans, etc.) and anything with grease cannot be recycled.
  2. Food – buy a compost bin and make your own fertilizer.
  3. Water – if it was generally clean, it can be used to water plants. An example would be water used to wash fruits and vegetables or water used to boil an egg.
  4. Electronics – refrigerators, printers, ink cartridges, and computers are just a few electronics around the house we can recycle. Some stores even offer a credit for bringing these in!
  5. Clothing – instead of throwing away clothes in good condition we don’t wear anymore, consider donating to charitable organizations or thrift stores
  6. Shop – buy items made with recycled material/packaging and recycle them again or buy reusable daily essentials to replace single-use items.